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Why Us

Our philosophy is ko ngā tamariki i te tuatahi – children come first. We are known as experts in early childcare and are passionate about providing the best quality childcare in Aotearoa. When you leave your child with us you can rest assured that they are in a happy, safe and respectful place. Our services are not just in your community, we are part of your community. Families come back to us and recommend us to their friends because they love us and trust us. We have cared for generations of young New Zealanders.

We look after tamariki from many different cultures, families and home environments so we are able to adapt our teaching to the needs of your child. Our skilled teachers are guided by the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum, Te Whāriki. We nurture a sense of wonder, curiosity, creativity, and excitement every day to help tamariki learn the skills and confidence they need for their education journey.

We use playtime not just for fun but to learn too! While tamariki have plenty of time for free play we use more organised fun activities for learning. Through organised play our children learn numeracy and literacy skills, how to work with each other and about the community they live in and are part of.

Our goal is to help you grow happy, well rounded children. We do this by engaging tamariki in conversations about the world around us, celebrating important family and cultural events and visiting local people and places. We help your child have a better understanding of their place in their community.

We are committed to Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of Aotearoa. We respect Māori values and we aspire to reflect these in our teaching practices. We value support from whānau, iwi, hapū and the community. We aspire to build a sense of belonging, trust and respect with whānau, through warm and reciprocal relationships.

Dr. Thomas Barnardo had a vision – no child would ever go hungry, cold, without shelter or go uneducated. We live his passion at Barnardos New Zealand. We are the only non-Government organisation that provides care and services of tamariki from birth to 18 years old. That makes us have exceptional experience and knowledge in children and childcare in Aotearoa. We support, challenge and empower families, communities and society to make Aotearoa New Zealand the best place to be a child.